Getting Ready for YOU!

 Prep goes in to high gear today as the count down to Saturday's Tasting Party nears.  I'm reviewing the lists - menu, photos, new items on web, groceries, table presentations, paperwork printing.  Always the conundrum, do I have enough but not too much variety of colors, tastes, textures, types of desserts, temperature, etc?  All of you who come on Saturday will be the final judges.  

 We're thinking Spring for this tasting, but it certainly doesn't reflect that outside.  Mountains of snow fell yesterday and got moved by child, sled, shovel, blower and plow.  Many Minnesotans are tired of winter, but I gleefully bounded out to run errands despite the threatened difficulty.  The hardest part was keeping out of sidewalk puddles and street lakes.  I lilted from one drift to another, giggling.  I'm sure that my joy disgruntled some shoveling curmudgeon.  My take - if we have to have winter, we better have snow!   And before you shake your finger at me, yes, I do shovel, sometimes.

Barring a blizzard, we'll be ready for you to join anytime from 7 - 9 p.m. on Saturday.  We can't be held responsible for  the condition of the street, but the sidewalk and steps are clear and ready.  Bring the family, friends, children, neighbors, and don't forget that empty leg!