The After Taste

Our fourth Tasting Party is now behind us.  We did some things well, and still have a learning curve on others.  That's as it should be.  Being far from perfect, I know I have much to learn.  Hopefully, as we progress in the business, you'll be able to embrace our new learning with happy tongues.  

We presented a couple of new item experiments on Saturday at the Tasting Party.  Always interesting, experiments, especially when searching for feedback.  Responses varied all the way from "That's my favorite," to the most common, "Very unusual," down to the several who said, "I didn't really like it at all."  And for those for whom it was a stunning success, in their buds opinion, we'll retain those items on the menu, at least for now.  

As we fill orders this week, we'll be pondering our next new items to test and begin the development process toward our next tasting in May.  We've had requests for nougat candy and lemon bars (which will become Lemon Curd Bars) so it's likely you'll see those appear soon.  As for the rest, thinking, always thinking. . .