I love developing new recipes and products.  Lets my creative juices out for a good flow.  Lately it's been more like a messy flood, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.    

For my friends and fans and providers of willing tongues, this is likely a good thing.  But lately I've been attacking the sales people that come give us estimates, the workers who follow behind them to do installations, the staff at my hubby's work meetings, and just about anybody else who will hold still long enough for me to offer something.  

Poor things.  

If this were a scientific test of the psyche of the immediacy of human addictions, I'd have a 98% success rate.  

After being tortured and wounded by what they didn't know they were missing, they find themselves signing up for more.  Some returning later.  Some having to have it doled out right on the spot.  And this isn't like falling off a horse and getting right back on thus conquering fear or displaying our human domination over the animal kingdom.  No, this is more like swimming with sharks.

So consider yourself warned.  If you get too close to me, you might lose a limb, but you'll go down with a smile on your face.  



Mocha Viennese Shortbread (1 dozen)

A little coffee, a little chocolate and a little almond, and coated on the bottom with a little more chocolate.  Perfect with our Mocha Fudge Cheesecake or Mocha Fudge Cake or our Chocolate covered Espresso Bean Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream and coffee or tea.