We really shouldn't be complaining.  Really.

Winter in Minnesota lasts forever.  Forever being six months.  This year appears to be worse than normal, pushing spring out the door and down the street just as far as it can.  I've heard varying predictions of 2 to 8 inches of the flaky stuff.   So far I've only seen dandruff.  

But what can we really expect?  After all, we live in the Upper Midwest.  The weather and wind currents come down from Canada.  So what do we think ought to happen instead, hmm?    

I'm not a native to this state.  Looking in from the outside, I thought Minnesotans were made of hardier stuff.  You know the types, the ones that fill Garrison Keillor's stories of Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, and the men good-looking and the children are above average.  Where did all of them go?  Certainly they wouldn't be complaining about another day or two of snow.  They'd be scoffing at the rest of us weasily types, who stay indoors, turn up the heat, stand at the window and whine.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love the heat, the sun, even the humidity.  I'll happily take that for as long as I can get because I know winter will be back.  With a vengeance.  And all too soon.

But if it's cold out, I can bake things like Chocolate, Cherry and Walnut Cake and no one complains about how hot the house is because I'm baking.  

So, take that, Minnesotans.  I'm happy it's cold.  And you just might be, too, if you're coming to Saturday's Tasting Party.  The colder it is until then, the more I'll have ready for you!